What’s the Difference Between Maglock And Dropbolt Lock For Access Control System

Magnetic door lock or Maglocks and Deadbolt locks are two of the access control systems that are used most commonly today and are used in many areas. However, there is often some confusion about the two types of locks – although their way of operations is different.

What’s the Difference Between Maglock And Drop Bolt Lock

1, Maglocks

Also called electromagnetic locks. As the name indicates, this type of lock is powered by an electromagnet. This is possibly the most basic way of unlocking and locking doors remotely. Again, these can differ a lot in terms of performance and cost and range between 1kN and 14kN holding forces.

These tend to work on the principle of a ferrous plate and an electromagnet that come in touch with each other once the door is shut. The magnetic field occurs only when a ferrous 12V dc is passed via an electromagnet. Due to this reason, these are available only as unlocked (fail unsecure) varieties. Thus, these can be typically seen to be used in low-security solutions.


The setup of the electromagnet based access control system is typically extremely direct and convenient, give that power needs to be supplied to the frame only. Magnetic lock access control is essential for the proper alignment of the ferrous plate and the electromagnet and for the specified holding force to be achieved. In case the electromagnet is put over the doorframe top, it is vital to ensure that all people are not restricted. Otherwise, it can be a safety and health issue. In many cases, owners or staffs have suffered injuries due to electromagnets mounted overhead on the frame of doors.


The level of security is usually low, give that a power failure can make the electromagnet effect go away and unlock the door immediately. Frequently, a single magnet is used at the door top. There can be vulnerability issues related to the door in case the base is attacked. If enough leverage is used or the door fails, the magnet’s holding force can be done away with.


Typically, the electromagnet is used over low-security doors with heavy or even medium foot traffic. This is perfect for external or internal doors in case the access control system is also going to be used along with a mechanical lock after regular business hours or at night.

2, Dropbolt Locks

Also called electric bolt lock. These offer a higher level of security as compared to standard door spring locks. It is tougher to break and tamper these. This type of electric lock for glass door big challenges and discourages burglars, causing them to slow down and making it riskier for them. These might not be completely foolproof but ensure superior security.

Once you set up a deadbolt on the outer door, you can sleep with more reassurance that your property and family are securers. These days, you can come across electronic deadbolts that are battery-powered and do not need any expert installation.


You can integrate keyless electronic door locks with the security system of your house. The command powering the alarm during the night and shutting the lights of the entire home off can ensure that the doors of your home are always locked and access is granted to only the virtual keys that you designate.

An electric drop bolt lock operates with an iOS or Android smartphone app. The locks communicate wirelessly with a phone via Z-wave (internet), Bluetooth or WIFI.


In a few locks, there are numeric keypads and doors are unlocked when the access code is pushed in. Now, the keypads are substituted with a touch screen panel having the security features for making unauthorized access impossible.

Some locks have biometric features that identify the fingerprints of everyone that are programmed into them, and grant access to authorized people.

You may use the virtual key feature with your smartphone to make more than one virtual key and to assign the same to people who should be given access to homes or other establishments. This can help track who walked into your home and when they walked in. The virtual key can be canceled at any time. The key may also be made valid for a specific time period. In case you wish to deny access to someone into your home, there is no need to change your lock. You may do so by simply changing the virtual key. It is also possible to open the front door for neighbors or guests from a remote location and then lock the door once they go out.


These include research facilities, offices, hospitals, parking lots, retail stores and more, and ensure that no unauthorized person can get an entry. Other than the convenience, the security aspect of these door locks is also better than standard padlocks. It is tougher to pick these locks than conventional manual door locks. The cases of these locks are stronger and much larger as compared to old locks.

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