Why LED module is very important for LED downlights ?

What is an LED module?

The LED module is the core of LED that can be used in combination with a dedicated downlight housing and can with dimming. It can also be retrofitted as an adjustable down light with a variety of square or round decorative accessories.

Buyers can choose the aperture size, shape, color and function (baffle, wall wash, shower, etc.). The design flexibility offered by these modular LED downlights is often required in small commercial and high-end residential construction projects.

Advantages of using LED modules:

LED module and down light frame combines stylish and versatile design for easy installation.

Interchangeable trims are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and surface treatment, making this embedded fixture become the perfect solution for new construction and retrofit applications.

Perfect replaced for MR16 GU10 light source, simplifying design and improving efficiency.

Suitable for any ceiling height and spacing.

Waterproof level up to IP65, suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor occasions.

Convenient maintenance, just need to update the accessories.

The LED module combines light source, driver, optics and main thermal management in a compact system that simplifies retrofitting and new installations.

LED module down lights offer great flexibility because buyers can choose the housing, trim and LED module options to provide the best down light for the application.

The introduction of the 50mm diameter down light module is an ideal tool for product designers seeking solutions of down light and spotlight

The main use of LED modules:

Commercial applications (such as retail and leisure and high-end residential museums and galleries.

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