Simple guide to round LED high bay lights

What are Round LED High Bay Lights?

Round LED High Bay Lights are high bay light products that are round in shape, and can be placed in higher ceilings. These offer powerful lighting that can offer widespread illumination with the help of robust Light Emitting Diode (LED) illuminants. These lights are powered by LED technology, which makes these better than metal halide, fluorescent and other types of traditional illuminants.

How are these Lights?

These types of illuminants are available in the classic circular shape, with an optional prismatic or aluminum reflector. The lights come with LED chips at the bottom of the fixture, and there is a tempered glass covering. There is an LED driver affixed to the side. You can mount these with the help of a cord and hook, pendant or junction box.

Such kinds of lights can be perfect substitutes for HPS bulbs and metal halide lights, and can ensure more energy saving illumination for hangars, gymnasiums and warehouses. You may use them to replace metal halide High Bay lights of 250 watts, 400 watts and 1000 watts. These lights do not get overheated due to the driver that ensures better cooling and for the fact that there is an isolated heat sink for this fixture.

What Makes Round LED High Bay Lights So Popular?

These types of illuminants have every reason to be popular. Such kinds of illuminants can offer more efficient and uniform lighting to industrial areas, gymnasiums, warehouses and other similar areas. These can substitute existing MH (Metal Halide) high bays very easily. Many of these lights come with instant on-off feature and dimming technology, which take care of the fact that the spaces these are installed in can enjoy better light control.

These types of illuminants are designed to be suspended in places with high ceilings, such as factories and warehouses. These offer longer lasting and brighter light. Traditional metal halide lights produce a lot of heat, which warms any ambience that these are installed in. Unlike MH lights, Round LED High Bay Lights produce very less heat – which makes them a top pick for refrigeration facilities, labs and other areas where there is need to maintain lower temperatures.

It is a fact that these illuminants can go on lighting up spaces for a very long time. Thus, there are less replacement costs. Also, there is little or no need for maintenance. You can save a lot on cooling and maintenance costs. You can save quite a bit when you buy these lights, given that these run for a long time and do not need to be replaced too often. Also, these can save your expenses on energy in cooling the space. The energy savings over low-pressure sodium and metal halide lights can be over 55%.

When you pair such kinds of fixtures with motion sensors, you can be assured that the lights remain on only when required. Round LED High Bay Lights that satisfy DLC Premium and DLC certifications may also be eligible for rebates from the state or local area.

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