What Is Neodymium Magnet Grade and Why It Is Important?

Neodymium magnets are available in various grades such as N42SH, N52, and N42. However, you might be thinking to yourself that what do these numbers even mean. How does the grade of the neodymium magnet relate to its strength? Does the magnet have a Gauss number?

What Are Magnet Grades?

The magnet grade is used to measure just how good the strength of the magnet is. Generally, the higher the number the stronger the magnet would be.

The number comes from the actual property of the material. That is to say the maximum energy product of the magnet material which is often expressed in MGOe (Mega Gauss Oersteds). The strongest point on the demagnetization curve of the magnet is represented by it which is also known as the BH Curve.

The pull force of the magnet varies with the N number or grade. All you need to do is double the N number to find out double the pull force.

How to Measure the Strength of a Magnet?

Now, it depends on what is meant by strength. There are two common measures for the strength of the magnet. These measures are the strength of the magnetic field and the strength of the pull force.

Pull Force

It is how much force one has to pull on the magnet to move it away from something such as another magnet or a steel surface. This force is shown in pounds. It can also be expressed in kilograms or Newton. The way through which the magnet is tested has a great influence on the measured strength. The pull force is the force which is required to pull the magnet away directly from a steel surface. It is expressed as a single number. The pull force comparison allows us to compare the strength of different magnets.

Magnetic Field Strength

It is a measure of the strength of the magnetic field and the direction of the particular point near a magnet. Normally, it is expressed in Tesla or Gauss. Tesla equals ten thousand Gauss. It depends on the grade, shape, and size of the magnet, where there is a presence of any other magnet.

What Grade Should You Choose?

Knowing which grade to use is extremely useful. To choose the right grade, you need to consider the application for which the magnet is to be used. If you require the highest strength for the smallest magnet at room temperature, you will need the grade N52 as it is the strongest neodymium magnet out there.

The grade N42 is commonly used. It is a great balance between performance at higher operating temperatures, strength and cost. However, if you want the same strength as the N52 magnet, then you will need a larger N42 magnet. Keep in mind that if you have elevated temperatures in the range of 140 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, N42 magnets would be stronger than N52 magnets. The N42SH grade is perfect for higher temperatures.

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