TWS earphone industry development

With the maturity of TWS earphone industry chain, many Chinese manufacturers have been pouring into the industry. TWS headset is the abbreviation of true wireless stereo headset.

Although the TWS headset is small, it has five internal organs, from master control to communication (Bluetooth), from sensing to execution (loudspeaker), as well as storage and power supply. It also needs to achieve more than 2 hours of talk time in 4-6 grams weight and extremely limited space. These need the concerted efforts of TWS earphone industry chain to create a perfect product. Apple, the pioneer of TWS headphones, has cultivated the industrial chain, and some suppliers are located in China, so all of these provide convenient conditions for the Android camp to develop in the industry. According to the consulting research of MCMs, Chinese manufacturers have set foot in the core components of TWS earphone industry chain, and the global ODM manufacturers are concentrated in China, such as golfer, Lucent precision and Gongda electroacoustic. The increasingly mature industry chain fully guarantees the performance improvement and price reduction of TWS earphones.

The core components of TWS headset mainly include master control, Bluetooth chip, MEMS microphone, MEMS accelerometer, optical distance sensor, force sensor, Hall sensor, touch IC, micro speaker, nor flash memory, power management and charging chip, headset and battery of charging box. Taking MEMS microphone as an example, it mainly realizes the functions of TWS headset, such as voice acquisition, voice noise reduction, active noise reduction and voice control. In AirPods Pro, there are 6 pieces (about 3 headphones headset), and the huge demand has attracted more than 10 Chinese mainland and Taiwan manufacturers to compete. Among them, there are not only traditional acoustic factories, such as goer and Raytheon technology, but also MEMS start-up companies, such as sensitive microelectronics, mingham sensor, Shendi semiconductor and Huajing sensor.

In addition, by searching and analyzing the Chinese patents of TWS earphone, we can see the development trend of TWS earphone technology, and find the advantageous enterprises or research institutions of TWS earphone industry based on patent analysis. According to the consulting research of MCMs, the Chinese invention patents of TWS earphone are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Shandong and Shanghai, and the total application amount of the three places has reached nearly 80%, which are respectively from many TWS earphone brand manufacturers in Guangdong Province (Huawei, oppo, vivo, Wanmo acoustics, etc.), the acoustic devices and ODM manufacturers in Shandong Province, and hengxuan technology, a Bluetooth chip manufacturer in Shanghai.

With the rapid development of real wireless headset, more and more mobile phone manufacturers begin to build their own mobile phone ecology to adapt to the real wireless headset. Therefore, the development of TWS headphones will undoubtedly go further.

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