Red Light Therapy for Cellulite

Red light therapy for cellulite is a new and innovative fat removal system developed to target and remove troublesome cellulite deposits underneath the skin’s surface. The heat generated by this therapy helps loosen and smooth deep-seated toxins that cause cellulite. It also helps improve lymphatic circulation, vital to any successful cellulite treatment to eliminate cellulite buildup. This research has shown that combining infrared heat therapy with massage results in a dramatic reduction of fat tissue thickness.

In one study, fat cells that were treated with infrared light reduced by two thirds, while cells that remained unaffected by infrared treatments remained intact. This clinical trial showed promising results which raise hopes for more effective anti cellulite treatments in the future. Previous research has focused on reducing cellulite through increase in skin water content and collagen production. In one study, the combination of these two treatments led to greater breakdown of fat than any single treatment alone.

The heat generated from the Red light therapy for cellulite system works via non-invasive electrical currents. One non-invasive method Red light therapy for cellulite uses six35nm laser light waves. Cells in the outer layers of the skin called the epidermis, can convert the heat from the laser light into heat energy. This energy activates protein molecules that form collagen bonds with fat cells. This increased collagen amount allows the body to effectively eliminate cellulite deposits

Another clinical study concluded that this low-level laser therapy for cellulite: “produced a remarkable reduction in total body fat percentage”. The test subjects in this study were overweight or obese. After twelve weeks of therapy, the test subjects had a 35% decrease in body fat thickness, as well as an overall decrease in body fat. The test was done on a very limited number of people, but it is a clear indication that this therapy may be effective in reducing fat thickness reduction.

Non-invasive Red light treatment methods have proven to be an effective method to increase the collagen and Elastin production in the skin. These two tissues are essential to the overall appearance of the skin, due to their role in keeping the skin tight and firm. This increased production of collagen and Elastin leads to a higher degree of skin elasticity and better skin tone. Red light therapy for cellulite: “provided long term, favorable changes in the profiles of the test subjects”. This means that the cells changed at a steady rate, thus reducing the possibility of premature cell death caused by a high dose of radiation exposure.

Light energy therapy for the removal of cellulite from the skin was found to be highly effective when combined with microdermabrasion and mesotherapy treatments. Laser and light energy treatment increased the collagen and Elastin production in the skin, while simultaneously killing the fibroblast cells responsible for producing cellulite. This new combination of treatments has been shown to produce excellent results in almost all patients, without causing any skin irritation or chemical peels.

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